An After Effects plugin to cut, bend, and stretch layers along a path to create unique distortion effects, glitch effects, and more.


The path is the limit.

Pixelfan lets you create unique effects by warping layers along paths.

Get going in seconds.

Simply choose a mask, pick a layer as the texture, and set the stroke length.

Fine tune or animate your result with scale, rotate, and mirror parameters.

Tear it up with Original Frame mode.

In addition to using other layers as the texture, Original Frame mode lets you use the underlying layer itself as the texture.

This mode works great for unique glitch and distortion effects.

The possibilities for what you can do with Pixelfan are endless; use it for creative VFX, original motion graphics, and more.

What will you create?

For comments or questions, including about our affiliate program, or to share what you’ve made with Pixelfan, please reach out on Discord or aescripts.